The Power of Intercessory Prayer

You know what’s mind-blowing about intercessory prayer? God generally only grants the prayers that fit what he wanted to do anyway. 

So what’s the point of us asking? Why does He tell us throughout Scripture to ask for things in prayer? I think He CHOSE to wait on our prayers to give His blessings. And I think He chose that because He wants to share the joy of being distributors of his grace with us. He wants us, by our requests, to unleash His healing, His blessing, and his miracles in the world. It wasn’t enough for him to bless us. He wanted to share the joy he has when he blesses us with us by making us a necessary part of it.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that the graces of God are hanging from heaven by silken threads and prayer is the sword that cuts them down.

So ask God boldly for things today, and share the joy of raining his grace down on a needy world. That’s what intercessory prayer is about. Prayer changes things.

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