Try the Rosary

Scripture tells us that David beat Goliath with a sling and 5 smooth stones. As I was looking at my rosary I realized, it kind of looks like a sling! 

The rosary is a Catholic devotional prayer. Each bead represents a prayer. A large bead represents the Our Father, followed by 10 Hail Marys which is called a decade. After 5 decades, you’ve completed the rosary. And for each decade, we meditate on a mystery from Jesus’ life, so that the prayers we’re breathing set the stage for an encounter with the Word of God. (A quick online search will give you the mystery for each week so you can reflect on God’s Word in a new way every time you say your prayers.) 

What I really love about old school Catholic devotionals like this is simplicity. Sometimes we don’t have the words to pray. Sometimes we feel like our words are falling flat. But when we pick up the rosary and meditate on God’s word, our hearts are changed and our minds transformed. 

Just like David beat Goliath with a sling and smooth stones, using the rosary to pray can help us beat the Goliaths in our own lives through the transforming of our mind. Bring God into your mess and allow him to do his work in and through you.

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