You’re a Big Deal

There are hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy and over a hundred billion galaxies in our universe. When you think about that, it’s easy to feel insignificant and small. But I think God is looking down from heaven saying, “you’re HUGE next to all this!”

As big as the mountains are, can they make a choice? As big as the ocean is, can it love someone? As big as a galaxy is, can it change directions? No. But you can. More than anything in creation – you are the mirror image of God. You have a soul. You have an intellect and a will. You can know, make decisions, give and receive love, and you’re ultimately made to share in the love of God forever. You stand apart from everything. And you’ll still be around long after all of this has passed.

Sure, you’re physically small in this universe, but when you think about the ways you stand out from the rest of creation? You’re kind of a big deal.

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